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Enterprise Data Centre Management products with bandwidth optimization products

BIG-IP WAN Optimization Manager (WOM) saves you time and money by speeding data transfers over the WAN and enabling traffic between data centers to be optimized, encrypted, and highly available.

BIG-IP WOM accelerates file transfers, Microsoft Exchange mailbox and database replication, storage replication and backup, virtual machine migration, and more. The result is reliable, fast performance across the WAN.

You can choose from a range of devices to meet your specific performance and capacity needs. BIG-IP WOM is also available in a Virtual Edition for added flexibility in virtual environments.

Accelerated replication performance

With BIG-IP WOM, you can replicate and back up critical data across the WAN up to 70x faster than without optimization. TCP optimizations and protocol acceleration help you mitigate the effects of latency due to distance between data centers and the excessive handshaking or “chattiness” of some protocols like CIFS and MAPI. In addition, F5 traffic control capabilities allocate bandwidth to the applications and data that you decide are higher priority.

Improved bandwidth efficiency

One of the best ways to improve throughput and utilize your existing bandwidth more efficiently is to reduce the amount of data that is sent across the WAN. BIG-IP WOM includes symmetric adaptive compression, which applies the appropriate compression algorithm to dramatically reduce the amount of traffic that has to be sent. Another technique is data deduplication, which sends references of repetitive data that is identified and cached on BIG-IP WOM. For large volumes of data, deduplication using solid state drives (SSD) can have up to 3x improvement in replication time over memory-based deduplication. BIG-IP WOM running on the BIG-IP 11000 platform with support for 4 x 600 GB SSDs makes the ideal choice for the high volume requirements of data center to data center replication or as the head end of a hub and spoke deployment.

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