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IBM System Storage TS2340 Tape Drive
Title: IBM System Storage TS2340 Tape Drive
Price: 107000

The IBM System Storage TS2340 Tape Drive is an excellent tape storage solution for businesses requiring backup or low-cost, real-time archival storage of their data within a small window of time ¨C it offers high capacity and performance to help address the most demanding requirements. The TS2340 has a physical storage capacity of up to 1.6Terabyte (TB) (with 2:1 compression) in conjunction with the IBM Ultrium 800Gigabyte (GB) data cartridge, which provides up to double the capacity of previous Ultrium 3 technology. Along with its higher capacity, the data transfer performance of the TS2340 Tape Drive has increased over the previous generation for a native data transfer rate of up to 120MBps. The TS2340 Tape Drive continues to provide an excellent alternative to slower and smaller capacity 1/4-inch, 4mm and 8mm DLT/SDLT tape drives

  • Tape Dive type: IBM LTO Ultrium
  • Physical capacity: Upo 1.6TB per cartridge with 2:1
  • No of tape drives: One
  • No of tape cartridges: One
  • Data transfer rate: Upto 120mbps native
  • Media type: IBM LTO Ultrium 4 
  • IBM LTO Ultrium 800GB Data Cartridge 
  • IBM LTO Cleaning Cartridge 

Hardware summary

  • Data transfer rate of up to 120 MB/sec native
  • Ultrium 4 cartridge capacity up to 800 GB native physical capacity per cartridge (1,600 GB with 2:1 compression)
  • 3 GBps single port SAS attachment
  • 2U height form factor for drive and enclosure
  • Large 256 MB internal buffer as compared to a 128 MB internal data buffer in the Ultrium 3 Tape Drive
  • Application Managed Encryption support for Ultrium 4 Half-High SAS Tape Drives
  • Adherence to LTO specifications
  • 19-inch rack mount shelf option that accommodates a single TS2240 Tape Drive

Benefits of IBM Tape Storage TS 2340

  • Higher storage capacity than previous generations of LTO tape drives
  • LTO standards compatibility helps offer long-term tape infrastructure investment protection
  • Helps keep the data on your tape media secure with encryption
  • Physical storage capacity up to 1.6TB, helps reduce the number of cartridge changes required for backup operations
  • Native data transfer rate of up to 120MB/sec. Helps address the demands of shrinking backup windows.

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