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ThinkVantage Technology- Active Protection System

ThinkVantage active protection system

Like an airbag's sensor, Active Protection System can detect sudden changes in motion and temporarily stop the hard drive to help protect your valuable data from some crashes that could occur due to everyday notebook accidents.

The Active Protection System (APS), available on many ThinkPad® notebook models, employs airbag-like technology to protect the hard drive. The system has an integrated motion sensor that continuously monitors the movement of the notebook, and, if a sudden change in motion is detected, it temporarily stops the hard drive to protect it from a potential crash.

                                            tp_airbag_140 (1).jpg

Up to four times greater impact protection
This ThinkVantage Technology provides up to four times greater impact protection than systems without it and helps reduce down-time and support costs.

APS can greatly improve overall system reliability by providing enhanced hard drive protection from shock. Using the latest technology to constantly monitor the movement of your ThinkPad computer, users can feel confident that their data will be better protected in the event of a drop or similar potentially damaging event.


Distinguishes between different types of motion
APS helps to protect your hard disk drive helps to protect your hard disk drive so you can continue to work on the go. This ThinkVantage Technology makes use of a heuristic learning algorithm to track the ThinkPad's orientation.

  • Sudden Motion: Like in an automobile airbag system, a microchip detects sudden motion (such as a drop or a fall from a desk, tilt, vibration or shock). It temporarily parks the drive head until the system is stabilized. The hard drive head is parked almost instantly (within 500 milliseconds) when motion is detected.
  • Repetitive Motion: When repetitive vibration is detected (as in trains or autos), it automatically adjusts sensitivity so your work is uninterrupted.
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